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We specialise in a home delivery currency service and currency buyback by post. ChurchFX helps travellers around the world spend, store, swap, and manage their currency in a completely new way. No hidden costs or unfair fees, meaning you can enjoy your trip!



Through a partnership between ChurchFX and Currency Online Group (COG), ChurchFX Buyback brings a stress-free and cheaper way for customers in the UK to buy and sell their leftover currency.”

With our partner, COG, our business model is simple but very effective; we offer market-leading rates, transparency and great customer service. Founded in 2016 by industry veteran Paul Brewer, COG has since grown to be one of the leading online foreign currency providers in the UK.

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We have over 30 years’ experience of buying and selling such investments, having secured over 750 properties for clients throughout the UK. With our connections within the industry we are well placed to source suitable properties.

Life Reversions

This is a trade “secret “ of the Professional Property Investor. An investor buys a property with a life Tennant typically for 50% of its value. When that Tenant moves out, you benefit immediately from a 100% capital uplift, at this point you can either sell or refurbish and rent the property.

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Opportunities to invest in a bigger and more profitable schemes from our established contacts of handpicked and experienced property developers with sites in key areas. Allowing possibilities for either sale or perhaps refinance and renting the finished properties to build your portfolio further

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Often good property appreciation is “created” by investing in a property that needs work (a refurbishment, conversion or lease extending). This is often where bigger gains can be made and is an area in which we excel. However such properties often require more cash initially so it is important that we understand your appetite for which kind of investment. However you can rest assured that whichever route you feel suits you and your family’s needs then we can help.