We have a small number of handpicked established and experienced property developers with sites in key areas of the UK. These sites are usually within 25 miles of central London and fit with our simple philosophy, which is to build the right properties, in the right area, for the right price.



We can offer you the opportunity to invest in a bigger and more profitable schemes.

We only consult on investments where the product is sale-able and sought after, thus ensuring your money is returned in the quickest time with the optimum return. This enables you the option of either selling the finished property, or perhaps, re-structuring the finance to add into your rental portfolio.


Your investment is secured against a valuable asset where progress is measurable and physical.

Buy to let

A key ingredient of a Professional Property Investors Portfolio. Which despite recent changes can still produce both capital appreciation and an income from rental yield. With over 30 years’ experience of sourcing such investments we can help build a portfolio.

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Life Reversions

This is a trade “secret “ of the Professional Property Investor. An investor buys a property with a life Tennant typically for 50% of its value. When that Tenant moves out, you benefit immediately from a 100% capital uplift, at this point you can either sell or refurbish and rent the property.

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